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The Ten Second Resume

The fact is, most hiring managers will decide in 10 seconds if your resume is worth reading. How can you create the perfect resume or CV that catches the attention of the hiring manager and secures you an interview?

After years of being an employer, Callan Anderson, shares his tips and method for creating the perfect resume that will land you that interview you want.

With so many books and references on the market about how to write the perfect resume or CV, the focus always seems to be about fitting your life onto one page (a rather poor epitaph to a career you have worked hard to build). Either that or we read about power words that recruiters and headhunters will get so excited by, that they may well fall off their chairs while grabbing the phone to call you in for an interview.

Anderson has the experience of running a large-scale commercial recruitment operation; he has seen his share of resumes, many of which were unimpressive. For years, Anderson sat struggling to understand what an applicant has accomplished in their career, how they can qualify fluffy power words like aggressive, competent, hard-working, motivated, with the worst usually being detail-oriented, which is usually spelt wrong!

Anderson has the methodology down and has shared his knowledge in this book, encouraging you to make the most of your 10 second resume.

This book helps you create a resume that beats the rule and gets the interview you want.

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