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After many years working in vasty different businesses, as well as geographical locations, I spent vacations and the odd weekend writing about what I often talk to colleagues about with regards how to get a job, how to find a career and more importantly how to present yourself and your skills in the best way possible. These books are designed for ease of use and tips of how to get to where you want to be quickly. 

The Ten Second Resume


Hiring Managers typically decide within 10 seconds whether they'll bother to read your resume. This book helps you get a resume that beats the rule and get the interviews you want.



The Accidental Arsonist


Business networking is about interpersonal skills, going to the right places and saying the right things. From your body language to your handshake, everything matters when it comes to making the right impressions. The Accidental Arsonist is your ultimate guide to doing all those things right and to avoid gestures that may end up burning your bridges rather than building new ones. So read on to charm your way into personal and professional growth through business networking

The Hong Kong Recruitment Directory


Hong Kong is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world. With so many people looking for jobs in this part of the world, you need to develop the right network and meet the right people to help you connect to your new career the city.

This comprehensive directory lists a large number of Hong Kong's recruitment firms that can certainly help you on the road. It is not advisable to 'spam' each one, but to use this book as a reference and as part of your homework to look at the key firms that match you specific career objectives.

How to Hire and Fire staff in China


ISBN 9781310891595

China became the world's top manufacturer in 2010, with a razor-thin margin over the USA. With so much of the global manufacturing output going to China, the West has become smarter and far more educated in dealing with Mainland China, yet the process of Hiring or even Firing staff remains a complex issue that as of July 2013, just got a whole lot more complicated.

From hiring some of the smartest staff on the planet, to managing out those who are not, Callan gives a concise overview of the ways to manage a Western employment model in an Eastern market.


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